Not Up In Here

So this fellow is riding regular right? WRONG! He takes of goofy, then proceeded to whip around three 360’s. So as of now he has a toe back ten, but wait, he falls down right? WRONG, here at the cable park anything goes!

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Calling out the wackness of wake, one post at a time.

11 responses to “Not Up In Here”

  1. Flax says :

    Please take my footage off your website. I will check back.

  2. Sam collins says :

    To be fare a lot of people have but u still can’t take away the fact that he dose a rotation of 1260′
    Even if he dose start to rotate just before the top of the kicker it’s still super impressive to see some one throw down a massive hammer like that! While in a contest run!!!!
    Very disappointed in who ever runs this site
    Wake boarding is about the good time shared with mates on the water
    Not about sledging people because there not doing something with 100% perfection

    As for the landing he lands on his board stands up and rides away im pretty sure that counts as being landed!
    Every one is guilty of a butt check here or there!!!

    • wakezeach says :

      Here at wakezeach we completely agree with what you are saying, wakeboarding is about having fun and riding with your friends. We made this site to poke fun at wakeboarding not to sledge people down, Do you not agree that there needs to be a little more legitimacy in rail riding. In any other board sport that would not fly. There is an anything goes policy in wakeboarding right now and we feel it should be changed. Just because you can pre spin on the kicker, should you? Just because you can land on your back, should you? We are very impressed by the 1260 don’t get me wrong, but we are just trying to bring to light that there needs to be a change. Everyone is guilty of zeaching, pre spinning and butt checking, But we should hold the pro athletes to a certain level, If you want to put videos and pictures all over the internet make it legit. In a snowboard movie you would never see some one butt check.

  3. Robert says :

    Wakezeach – 1

    Sam Collins – 0

    Game Over

  4. English says :

    First off: Has anyone ever call told you you’re a cunt?

    Second: You want to be outraged by Zeaching, tindy grabs, pre-spinning, etc, etc. You’d find much more ammunition at this years winter x-games.

    Third: Unless you’ve done better you can’t call anyone out.

    Fourth: You’re a cunt

    • wakezeach says :

      Dear English,
      First off: We respect your opinion! Thanks for the views as well!
      Second: I dont know if you know what the winter X games is… But its in the winter and there is no wakeboarding… I don’t know what you were watching?
      Third: Who are we calling out?
      Fourth: You repeated your self… you clearly say the same thing if you just refer to the line beginning with first off.


  5. Lee says :

    I think some of you guys need to lighten up!

    This site is a good laugh and is just poking fun at the pros when they get shit wrong! Hell i would love to be good enough for someone to post a pic of me zeaching.

    @Flax. i just watched ‘One for the Team’ its dope. Why do you care if we are having a cheeky giggle at a pre-spin?

  6. hypoxic4u says :

    Is it fair to compare this documented trick to a documented trick in a professional snowboard film? I may be wrong, but this trick merely is something an amateur posted online right? We can find countless sketch tricks throughout countless snowboard internet blogs.

    The trick has its downfalls and it will probably never go anywhere due to those downfalls. This may be a response to the industry’s standards that it has set, maybe?

    On a professional level, at times, it is ridiculous what passes as viewable and noteworthy. But it seems somewhat unfair to compare this particular piece of media to professional media. In my opinion, just because something is posted online (which the Internet’s lack of qualifications is its best characteristics) cannot be compared to a generated product such as a snowboard film.

    But without the sketch trick there would be nothing to document, I get it. Maybe the claims are somewhat skewed. Take for instance Travis Rice, what a hunk, right? If he posted some Iphone clip of him landing a triple hoosker but hash tagged “#firstTry #sketch #CantWaitToGetThisDialed” #pumped ” I for one wouldn’t mind seeing it (through a free platform, AKA the Internet). But if that same trick made it into a paid product or even got some type of “industry stamp of approval” then my opinion of the matter may change, which I think is the biggest issue of this post.

    Nonetheless, this website needs the over indulgence, self gratifying qualities of the Internet.

    I suggest we embrace the critique, acknowledge that things do in fact, suck. It makes those things which are brilliant, brilliant.

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