Call me crazy, but we should probably stop putting tricks in videos where the rider lands on his back and stands up again…


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4 responses to “Land?”

  1. Chris Flaxman says :

    Come on Back 10….?

  2. Roy Munson says :

    How about I call you fucking loser with too much time on his hands. Its easy to hate. Hard to embrace. Easy to point. Hard to forgive.

    Man, I gotta tell you though. I check this site often. Somethings working. And its not that I like seeing you call our riders for zeaching. Its how I enjoy seeing you sink so far into this hole you’ve made for yourself. You better slow down. One day you’ll be living in paranoia in a cave talking about how the universe around you isnt quite “legit” enough.

    Frankly, though, my shitty opinion is that your missing the point, dude. Wakeboarding is nothing more than a trivial activity. Don’t read into it too much. Some guys ride like this, some guys ride like that. Theres nothing wrong with trying to progress a trick, trying to grab in a hard location, or trying to grind in a different way. And theres nothing wrong with preferring one of those ways to the other. Thats cool man. You like your tricks to be legit. I understand that perfectly well. But when you make a site freeze framing photos of kids with your harping comments about how its not good enough….who is that for? is it an excersise for the industry? for pro riders? for groms? or for yourself? think about that.

    Your digging too deep and theres nothing down there. Join your friends on the surface. Come back. We’ve missed you. And the next time you feel the need to spend an hour posting a photo with your negative comments, control that urge, go out for a walke and grab yourself an ice cold coca-cola. Nothings more legit than that. Or, better yet, go out on the lake and show us how its done.

    • wakezeach says :

      Its true my biggest fear is living in a cave, worrying about how legit the universe is.
      Anyways thanks for the views on the site and why would you call your own opinion shitty, and wake boarding trivial? I think its pretty neat!

      Ps. Do you work for coca-cola?

  3. pussy pounder says :

    that was a wake to wake back 10, fucking retard. I will agree with you about tricks that are landed in a sketchy way for videos, most of us had one or two of those, but it was a back 10. if you can’t appreciate it, your an idiot

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