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Questionable Characters



So i just watched the new video with felix and nico, and i was going to grab a zeach shot from there but it turns out they destroyed it and left me sitting here like an idiot! good job fellas! toss in a zeach for the crowd next time! 

questionable characters?

Head bonks are in…?

Thanks for confirming this with us Jimmy. We weren’t sure if bonking your head against some over hanging tree branches was considered a legitimate trick. But, well, I guess Jimmy has confirmed it with us that in fact, it is good enough to grace the back cover of a magazine…….

Make sure to avoid your board of the bonk though. You wouldn’t wanna scratch up your fresh deck.


got this one from a dope edit, but something smelt a little smithy…

“Hey dude how was your night? Those chicks were all over you!”

“Ya bro, I went home with some tail…”


“we did whatever we wanted…” sounds like a porno
click the pic to make it bigger, duh

“Ya brah, it’s got stock, factory, zeach…”

Straight from the factory, and into the hands of many.

Art of Zeach

Dope set up, and congrats to Raph, he killed it!
Found some dope shots to!


Nothing quite like a zeach to claim!

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