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2 Sliders one trick

Mr. Mike is usually pretty legit with his shit. Unfortunately he has just been charged with “2” counts of zeaching in the first degree.

If he had some grip tape, trucks and wheels under his feet it would be a different story. But good luck pleading that to the jury.

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Boy O Boy

Looks like theirs another full length headed our way! Boy O Boy I can’t wait to see this one.
This teaser featured the “most legit” tindy glide I ever did see which was performed by James Windsor. It also featured Matty Hasler setting the new standard for pre-spinning. Apparently you don’t even need to be half way up the jump to complete 90 degrees of your rotation.

Thanks for the content guys!

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Title Defender

Mark Rossiter showing this new feature whats up, check out this ground breaking backside crooked grind. With moves like this he should have no problem defending his title as Transworld Wakeboarding Magazines “Slider Rider of the Year”


Mike Dowdy and Josh Palma just barely missing the grab…  New iwake edit 17 tricks and a whopping 4 of them involved grabbing the board. Really pushing gymnasti….. I mean wakeboarding in the right direction….ImageImage

Zombie Attack!!

Rumour has it there was a zombie spotted riding behind a new X-Star… I guess even zombies have trouble doing a legit “melon” grabImageImageImageImageOther than that one harsh “nelon”… This zombie kills it.

FIRST EVER Double Nuclear… Can you believe it!

Harley Clifford managed to take home the title at worlds this year. As a part of his run he performed the FIRST EVER “DOUBLE NUCLEAR” which consisted of a nuclear moby dick right in front of a nuclear power plant. Coincidence….. I think not.

P.S. Sick nuclear dick bro!Image

Jim Jim back at it!

Jim just released a new dope edit with some serious bangers! Bangers like a board grab Toe 9… The reason I say “board grab” is because I’m not sure what else to call it… None the less Jim is killing it.ImageImage

Girls can zeach too you know

M&M get’n some! Extra points cause she shot it her self though…..Image

The 2013 B.O.B.

BREAKING NEWS! Bob Soven’s 2013 pro model is now available! We thought all the 2013 LF gear was going to be zeach proof,

Boy were we wrong…


Get outta town bud

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