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Are They Serious?

Yup they are…



I Knooow

Look at me!

Congrats to Kyle Rattray on joining the Byerly Team!
We were super excited to hear this news until we spotted this rare specimen.
We weren’t to sure what to call it so we looked it up in our Dictionary and here’s what we found.

“Nelon” A term used by board sport enthusiast to describe the combination of a “Nose” and “Melon” grab. Please avoid this grab at all cost, for it may have a very negative effect on your boarding career.

Well Put

Thanks Webster’s

Phils iPhone

Pulled this one straight off of Phils instagram. Not sure if the 2,819 “likers” are more stoked on the NELON pete, or his number of home runs on the world series. Either way, i’m sure the average WakeBrothers groupie wouldn’t care! Keep stuntin’ phil-do, an remember to grab between the binders. If TMZ won’t get cha, we will.

Cutt’n er Close

Here’s a fellow by the name of Jefferson Langley.

There’s a fine line between Indy and Tindy, and this my friends is a prime example of “Cutt’n er Close”.


Got this one from the kind folks at

Looks like they have some trouble picking shots for the site. Here’s some guide lines to follow… No Zeaching allowed…

Pretty simple right? But then again if they didn’t post this kind of stuff, We would lose one of our main sources of content……

West West Ya’ll

Here’s a young shredder from the West Coast by the name of Jacob Valdez. Super sick rider but I don’t think the “West Side Riders” would approve of this!

He might even get kicked out of the club!

Tee’d Up!

Check out Tom Fooshee Perfectly teeing this one up at the tip of the kicker! Why wait when you can spin that shit early!

Good thing he’s got his hater blockers on…


Raph has officially been nominated rider of the year! If you watch his current video that was just released you will understand why. It is by far the sickest edit released in the wake game to date! Unfortunately we just found this sneaky zeach on

Sorry Raph…

Thanks Alliance

Game Face

Sorry for the lack of posts, We were at Surf Expo checking out all the new wake gear…..

Check out Mike Dowdy’s edge catchin skills on this mobius 1080. His facial expression kind of reminds me of this great shot from the olympics.

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