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There comes a time in a mans life where he has to decide. Mute… or Nose… Here’s Phil Soven getting lost somewhere in between.

Don’t worry… We still like your TV show.



This screen grab came from a pretty cool edit that was just released today. There was a lot of talk about making sure his riding was “legit”. Don’t get us wrong… It was for the most part, but we managed to catch this “not so melon” gone nelon.
This seems to be a really common mistake made in the wake game. Maybe we could start a TV show like “Girls Gone Wild” but instead it would be “Melon’s gone Nelon”…

Tony the Tiger

Wakeboarder’s sure do like naming tricks. Tricks with really cool names like… Whirly Bird, Tootsie Roll and Moby Dick. Here’s another one to add to the list. We shall call it the “Tethod Fish”… That’s got a nice ring to it. Thanks for the Inspiration Tony!!

So Close

This fellow by the name of Jeff has a really different style of riding that we here at wakezeach are a pretty big fan of. But unfortunately we just caught him trying to get that late Melon which turned into a Nelon. Sorry Jeff, none the less great riding.

Chuck’n It!!

I guess these guys missed the memo that grabbing is cool… Or wait what year is it?… 1999 right?


Yup the rumours are true folks. Wakezeach has Instagram check us out! @wakezeach

Really Watson?

Now why did you have to go and do that?


Self explanatory…

Nack Lip… Is That a Word?

At first we just had a couple screen grabs of this great edit. But then we watched it a couple more times and realized we couldn’t deprive our viewers from seeing the whole thing for them selves. Our personal favourite is the second shot where this talented young fellow by the name of James Windsor combines a nose press with a backlip to create one of the most beautiful zeaches we have ever seen! Thanks James!

P.S. is that a satellite on your head?

Wakeskater’s Can Zeach Too I Guess?

There you have it folks, your feet don’t have to be attached to zeach.
Maybe it would be easier if the box was wider?

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