What is a Zeach you ask?

We get the term from pro snowboarder Zach Leach (zeach).  Zack was the greatest zeacher this world has ever seen.  Seeing as snowboarding already has a website solely dedicated to zeaching, we can not claim all the credit for this, but we can claim being the first zeach site dedicated to wakeboarding, and thats what wakeboarding is all about, claiming!  Now a zeach is any boardslide or fifty-fifty that is crooked or turned… or just looks gay.  Not only we will be calling out the harshest of zeachs in wakeboarding but we will also be calling out un-legit grabs… nelons, tindys, nutes, or tailfish.  Wakeboarding its time to clean up your act!



3 responses to “What is a Zeach you ask?”

  1. Waste Deep says :

    im glad there’s somebody else out there that feels the same way we do


  2. Shayne08 says :

    Move on!! rail riding has changed a lot as of recently we dont all do plain old nose presses and backlips anymore. Get with the times and find something more productive to be doing maybe like going riding

  3. yaaaboyyy says :

    No crooked grinds, overcrooks, smiths or feebles…………Unless your wakeboard has trucks

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