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Brenton Zeachly?

Ok maybe we’re being a bit to hard on him. But In all honesty he’s no stranger to a good old zeach.

The video we got these shots from was pretty legit, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we left these un-zeached.

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Zeachpro edit

It looks like there is a new feature at The Orlando Water Sports Complex. How did we know this you ask…? Cause everyone and there dog has made an edit of it. I think this one took the cake for “The Most Zeachyest” so far though.

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Follow Zeachers (don’t try this at home)

Follow is a new brand selling handles and vest… Here’s some Australian team riders testing the “zeachablility” of the gear.

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Looks like they approve!

Deep Down Under

Australian shredders Chris O’Shea, Mitch Langfiield, Brenton Priestly all were featured in a really well put together film this last year titled “In Transit.” But our dreams of this film being “Zeach Free” were crushed after we spotted these devastating zeaches…

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