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Nack Lip… Is That a Word?

At first we just had a couple screen grabs of this great edit. But then we watched it a couple more times and realized we couldn’t deprive our viewers from seeing the whole thing for them selves. Our personal favourite is the second shot where this talented young fellow by the name of James Windsor combines a nose press with a backlip to create one of the most beautiful zeaches we have ever seen! Thanks James!

P.S. is that a satellite on your head?


Boy O Boy

Looks like theirs another full length headed our way! Boy O Boy I can’t wait to see this one.
This teaser featured the “most legit” tindy glide I ever did see which was performed by James Windsor. It also featured Matty Hasler setting the new standard for pre-spinning. Apparently you don’t even need to be half way up the jump to complete 90 degrees of your rotation.

Thanks for the content guys!

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