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Zeachpro edit

It looks like there is a new feature at The Orlando Water Sports Complex. How did we know this you ask…? Cause everyone and there dog has made an edit of it. I think this one took the cake for “The Most Zeachyest” so far though.

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Got this one from the kind folks at

Looks like they have some trouble picking shots for the site. Here’s some guide lines to follow… No Zeaching allowed…

Pretty simple right? But then again if they didn’t post this kind of stuff, We would lose one of our main sources of content……


Title Defender

Mark Rossiter showing this new feature whats up, check out this ground breaking backside crooked grind. With moves like this he should have no problem defending his title as Transworld Wakeboarding Magazines “Slider Rider of the Year”

It definitely takes 2…….

….Hands to zeach correctly, that is. Marc shows us how it’s done

Rail Rider of the Year

Marc Rossiter won rail rider of the year! hopefully not with this back lip… no its a 50 50… no its right in between… ZEACH

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