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Nose Grinds and Monster Trucks

It looks like some Monster team riders are over in Europe right now. We know this because they have been documenting there every single move. Moves like this Nose Grind (Were still undecided whether or not it’s cool). But this Monster Truck (pun intended) Is certain to give some Juice-Heads a boner to go buy some energy drinks.

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Can you spot the difference? We can’t…..

Heres a look at a variety of covers that “Transworld” has posted over the last while.

Seems to be a pretty popular angle…..

Slippery Slider

Shane has been one of wakeboarding’s most influential riders, hands down. But don’t let this slider slide influence you to try them at home kids.

OWC zeach attack

Shane Bonifay balling out on a few zeachs… notice the back crook and the frontside feeble, SKATE INFLUENCE¬†Image

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