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Look at me!

Congrats to Kyle Rattray on joining the Byerly Team!
We were super excited to hear this news until we spotted this rare specimen.
We weren’t to sure what to call it so we looked it up in our Dictionary and here’s what we found.

“Nelon” A term used by board sport enthusiast to describe the combination of a “Nose” and “Melon” grab. Please avoid this grab at all cost, for it may have a very negative effect on your boarding career.

Well Put

Thanks Webster’s


Kyle Rattray…

Canadian boarder Kyle Rattray executing the most perfect frontside zeach on a box??? No wait boxes aren’t that wide, I think its a dock? We are also fortunate enough to get a rare glimpse of the elusive blind Zeach, props! Kyle does have a dope moby dick though! respect! 

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