Its To Easy

So I watched this edit on alliance wake and I was able to acquire some  heart breaking zeachs, but the thing that really made me mad was the lack of effort. These are top pro athletes  and this video is on one of the most “legit” website’s in wakebaording, and yet they are not even sliding to the end of the rail? There is absolutely no excuse for that. Do you have to hike up to the slope to try it again? No! All you have to do is hang on to the handle for five seconds and you are hitting the exact same feature. It is so frustrating getting comments about how we are retarded and have no right to comment on the lack of effort in wakeboarding, especially when I watch a video like this and see lazy riding. Have some pride, make it legit,and stop taking the easy way out.

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One response to “Its To Easy”

  1. hmmmm says :

    well said. raise the standard wakeboarding

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