Who the FUCK do you think you are?

Some canadian thinks he is the shit, cause he can grab and zeach at the same time? sorry bud they don’t cancel each other out… We are going to have to charge with a triple offence. (1 Zeaching (2 Grabbing while zeaching (3 being Canadian… Fuck outta here mang.


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Calling out the wackness of wake, one post at a time.

8 responses to “Who the FUCK do you think you are?”

  1. hmmmm says :

    i don’t agree with this post.. he has been bringing in more proper style into the sport than most, him and Dylan Miller are doing great things for rail riding.

  2. bondo says :

    hey wakezeach… u sick

  3. bondo says :

    I meant suck.. dustin rips

  4. ben says :

    Grabbing on rails is fucking gay!!

    P.S. Loving the site lads!!

  5. anthonyhollick@ymail.com says :


  6. Garth says :

    Fuck this shit is getting too funny

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